Enbi Global Inc

About Project

In light of the world’s recent tragic COVID-19 pandemic, Enbi Global Inc pivoted to producing Face Shields, helping protect key workers and customers globally – very cool eh!


Enbi Global Inc


Leverkusen, Germany

Project Types

Web Design, SEO, CRO


Wordpress, WooCommerce, Salesforce

What We've Done

1. Developed a launch website based on pivot stratgey introduced to bring the product to market on-time.

2. Implemented an online bulk order system for units upto and exceeding 10,000

3. Integrated live chat sales functionality which uses conditional logic to help convert new and returning visitorshttps://www.enbifaceshield.com

Enbiguard Website

Key Achievements

1. Incredible 2-day turnaround for website design, build and launch (multi-lingual also)

2. UI & UX drove the site visitation and SEO optimisation attracted high levels of demand!

3. Helped keyworkers stay safe, probably the coolest bit!

German EnbiGuard Website

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