Top Web Design Trends 2020?

An insight into web design trends 2020 to help you improve customer experience and drive lead generation.

Today I’ll be sharing with you the top web design trends in 2020 and major shifts in web design that you need to understand to be a top competitor in the web design industry. In a lot of other posts and web design blogs similar to this one with the same topic, they seem to focus on fashionable, visual factors that come and go every year which really don’t matter that much as they’re obvious factors that anyone could see and pick up on from looking at a handful of websites. This web design trends blog will not be highlighting the self-explanatory but instead the inside information that will make your work valuable for the long term and successful throughout. This will instead highlight what is actually changing within the web designing industry as that is what clients really care about.


This is a law that was passed in the European Union back in 2018 to keep people’s information safe on the internet, however, this has only just started to show its importance. This is to state clearly the guidelines of the information from visitors that websites can and can’t collect. This is the reason for the bar at the bottom of every website you go on asking you to accept their cookies as a form of protection due to websites possibly attracting visitors from people inside the EU (and more or less ALL will have European visitors) and they have to make sure they follow this law to keep them safe from their customer’s private information being leaked or fed to the wrong hands. You have a responsibility as a web designer to make sure everyone’s privacy is safe and well… stay private.


Believe it or not, Dominos was sued in 2019 for their website not being accessible enough to its clientele. This drove this specific factor of accessibility to become mainstream in the 2020 trends and in the world of web design. This also reminded people and businesses that your website not being accessible enough for your customers is actually against the law. You can solve your accessibility issues with a tool called AccessiBe which is a low-cost way of checking your work is abiding by the law. This is so incredibly worth it because the website you designed isn’t representing you initially but your clients and they’re who will get the blame for your accessibility-related mistake. Make sure that what you design is accessible enough otherwise you may be putting your clients at risk. 

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This is trending because many businesses are starting to understand the value of this. Chats settle any nerves of customers/visitors when they’re on the website as they clearly see straight away that there is help there if they should need it by the electronic help advisor, whether that help is needed because they have a question or they get stuck with where to find something. This is totally beneficial to your clients as they want their visitors to have an enjoyable, stress-free experience on their website as it will make them, as a company, look good and possibly even gain them business over other competing companies. And ultimately your reputation as a web designer is a credible one. A business doing well online always has a great web designer behind it making them look good!


No two websites should be identical, not even if they’re essentially offering the same service. People want to see personalisation within a business and sometimes that starts with the website as it shows that behind the website is a person just like themselves, you and me. It shows they’re someone who cares enough about their business to make it’s online presence the best it can be. First impressions matter! This spark of character within your website signifies a level of trust as the business is showing them a little bit of themselves and the customer will feel more of a friendly vibe from the business and ultimately it will feel more inviting as a whole. As a web designer personalisation shows the amount of care and professionality that goes into your work as it showcases that you know your clients and have portrayed this in your design of their website which shows the high quality of your work.

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Funnels are the series of steps a website visitor, or more fondly known as a possible future customer, takes from the initial home page view to the purchase process. The better set out the funnel and the more knowledge you have on these the more value you bring to your clients and their websites. As a web designer, you should make time to focus on this as although a small part of web design when taking in the actual theme, structure and content of the website into account, it makes a huge difference and is much more efficient for the client’s web visitors and possible customers.


These days clients are extremely into the performance of their websites, and rightly so. However, I’m not talking about performance in terms of how fast the website is, which is important but, in this instance, I am talking about conversions, which answer the question: Are my business goals being reached by the help of my website? You don’t want to jeopardise your client’s amount of good business by making their website look overly advanced with features such as 3D images because it was seen as trendy at the time, instead focus on making a website stand out because the business you’re designing for is awesome! It is no good showcasing design skills if what you’ve designed isn’t bringing in any business. It’s your job to make your clients look good online, so do just that. Leave the fancy slideshows unless they’re doing a good job of showcasing their past work. Their business will bring in customers, you just have to arrange it in a way that is sophisticated, personalised and professional to bring them in more clientele and get you more recognition and recommendations.


Without saying all of it, there are pieces in here that are without a doubt CRUCIAL for you as a web designer to understand, remember your job is to make a company look the best it can online, don’t start messing around with techniques that don’t match a company’s style. You don’t want to give your clients information they would already know about simple web design so these “insider’s information” if you will, could blow your clients away and make them trust and recommend you. Show them that your work is of high quality and will meet the current trends that’ll amplify their business’s success.

Top Web Design Trends 2020 Written by Amelia Dean

Amelia Dean - Digital Content Creator

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