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Whitehouse Real Estate

About the Project

Atomic launched Whitehouse Financial in the middle of 2020 with huge digital success. As part of the digital growth strategy for 2021, Atomic was tasked with the launch of Whitehouse Real Estate! In keeping with the premium brand, this website has been launched with a completely individual Design and SEO optimised website ready to Wow the real estate market. Now the work begins!


Whitehouse Real Estate


London, UK

Project Types

Web Design, SEO, CRM, CRO, PPC


Wordpress, Custom CRM, Facebook, Adobe, Google
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What We've Done

1. Launched the Whitehouse Real Estate Website into the market! (Immediately onto Page 1 of Google for branded terms)
2. An enhanced customer experience through specialist UX/UI services
3. Integrated a full custom CRM backend to complement the site and automate many processes in place

Whitehouse cast study property screenshot
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Key Achievements

1. A completely fresh and individual design not seen in the current market place
2. Automated and integrated front and backend
3. 3-Week Build Time!!

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