5 Facebook Ad Types That Will Make Your Business Money

Is your goal to capture leads on Facebook but you don’t know where to start? There’s around 12 different ad types offered by the social media giant, each one comes with its own nuances and some are restricted to specific devices. Picking the right one can be a minefield, especially if you don’t have experience with Facebook’s Ad centre.


We all know that when used correctly Facebook can generate a vast amount of leads and sales in a small amount of time. The key is to choose the right ad type. You might think that any ad will do so long as your advertising on the platform, but that’s not true. Facebook offers different ad types for different campaign goals and if you display the wrong type of ad your ROI will be squeezed.


But don’t worry we’re here to guide you through the 5 best ad types available on Facebook for driving sales to your website.


1. Collection Ads

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Collection ads are a fully immersive experience which allow you to showcase and sell products to consumers without them ever leaving the Facebook app.


The ads appear natively within the Facebook user’s timeline, when scrolling they’ll come across the ad which usually comprises a video above a sliding carousel of up to five products. Once the user taps on the ad it’ll go fullscreen to take over the user’s phone. From there they’ll be able to browse more product information, and when the user is ready to make a purchase, they can tap on the product which will take them to the corresponding page on your website!


Just like that someone has gone from discovering your brand to making a purchase in no time flat. The success of collection ads is down to its gorgeous fullscreen design which makes it easy to advertise several products at once. 


Beauty brand Sephora used this facebook ad type to advertise their latest line of summer products and achieved a 32% higher return on spend rate than any previous digital campaign.


If you’re looking to generate immediate sales from new customers, this is the ad for you.



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Never miss out on a potential sale again with Facebook’s Dynamic Ads. When somebody browses a product page on your website or adds something to their basket but doesn’t buy it, Facebook will register this information and then display ads featuring the exact same product in the shoppers timeline.


Unlike collection ads, this type of Facebook ad is available on both mobile devices and desktop computers. Meaning that you’ll be able to target the shopper every time they launch Facebook.


To run a dynamic ad you need to make sure that you have Facebook’s pixel installed on your website, as this is how Facebook records its user data on external sites. You’ll also need to create dedicated ads on the Facebook business center for all the products you wish to retarget to potential customers.

Dynamic ads work great because they offer a personalised experience. Let’s be honest, we’ve all gone to buy something online, got distracted and forgot all about it. Dynamic ads let you give that person a gentle nudge just to remind them that they’re interested in buying your product.


Pizza fan, a US fast food chain, trailed a dynamic ads campaign on their full product menu. They received 3x more orders and a 50% increase in revenue compared to the previous quarter.


If you’re looking to generate more sales from people who didn’t convert whilst on your website, invest in dynamic Facebook ads.


3. Lead Ads

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Lead ads are less eCommerce focused than the previous two ads in this list but they do exactly what they say on the tin, generate leads.


This is another ad type exclusive to the mobile app, it’s designed to be a simple and quick to use contact form that the user can complete with minimal typing. When the user taps on your ad in their newsfeed they’re taken to a form with questions chosen by you, which mostly relies on drop-downs and radio buttons to collect information. 


The form completion process is significantly sped up by Facebook pulling information from their profile to auto-populate some of the form fields such as name, phone number, and email address. This allows people to frictionlessly complete your lead capture form and enter your CRM. 


Volkswagen UK used Facebook Lead Ads to perfection during the launch of their T-cross SUV. By using Lead Ads to coax motorists into effortlessly booking early test drives, 45% of their total pre-launch leads were generated through Facebook.


If you’re looking for a lead qualifying system that is scalable, Facebook Lead Ads are the right choice.


4. Messenger Ads

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Messenger ads allow you to directly contact Facebook users, the message appears in their inbox and they receive a notification just like they would for any normal DM. The only drawback is that you can only message people who have previously messaged your company account.

Nevertheless, this is a proactive and personalised way of reaching people who have already established an interest in your brand. Messenger ads can be used to tell people about an upcoming promotion and provide them with an offer code, or to invite loyal customers to an exclusive event.


Absolut Vodka achieved a 400% spike in sales with their Messenger campaign. They prompted users to message their account for a free drink, when they did their messenger bot auto responded with a coupon code. This simple promo got more people trying Absolut and becoming a loyal customer.


If your goal is to create brand loyalty, messenger ads are an excellent way to generate repeat purchases.


5. Offer Ads

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Offer ads are a way to get your promotion in front of as many people as possible, because who doesn’t like a good deal?


The headline of offer ads is usually reserved for the discount amount, once clicked on the user will receive an in-app coupon code they can use to make a purchase in your online store. Alternatively, the app can generate a QR code which can be used in-store to drive foot traffic.


Gowireless, a US based mobile phone supplier, utilized Facebook lead ads to achieve a 65% lower cost per in-store sale. By offering a 10% discount to all mobile plans purchased in-store they say a much higher ROI than the image ads they’d traditionally run on Facebook.


Offer ads are a great way to convert digital shoppers into in-person leads, this can be particularly helpful for restaurants or retail spaces.




Choosing the right type of Facebook Ads is crucial to maximise your marketing budget. You can achieve an incredible ROI by taking the time to think about who your ideal customer is, what your campaign goals, and then choosing the ad type which most overlaps with these two factors.


If you need help defining your target audience, choosing a campaign type, or setting up your Facebook Ads account, contact Atomic today! We have expert knowledge on Facebook Ads and know how to generate the most customers for you at the lowest possible price.

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