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How AI is Revolutionising Digital Marketing

How AI can eventually create endless extraordinary opportunities in the world of digital marketing.

Artificial intelligence is a technological science that deals with building intelligent machines that can think and respond like a human. How cool is that? This will eventually create endless extraordinary opportunities in the world of digital marketing (Read more on what the differences between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing are here).

As a business owner or marketer, it would be beneficial at this time to unpick any problems that’re lying in your work and identify how accurate insights can solve these issues you’re facing.

Top performing companies are heavily focused on moving faster, lowering costs and predicting trends and AI makes this all extremely possible.


Improve Customer Journey

Artificial intelligence allows marketers to gain unmatched insights into customer motivation, behaviour and needs. It also significantly reduces the level of effort required to analyse this data, and puts those insights into action.

Develop More Comprehensive Media Plans

AI gives marketers the ability to model digital marketing campaigns on real-time/live signals that come from first party data and competitive activity rather than incredibly time-consuming research or shot in the dark assumptions.

This has many implications when it comes to making the decision on which media tactics are right for you and your business.

Generate Better Leads

Companies can turn to Artificial Intelligence to help make sale cycles shorter and way more cost effective. They do this by giving teams the ability to focus only on qualified leads.

Marketing automation platforms can combine countless data points to create a clear image and idea of your ideal customer, narrowing down prospects by their likelihood of purchasing.


There are many benefits to AI and we could be here all day, here are just a few to give you an idea:

Indefinite Customer Support

Machine learning algorithms can be seen in the form of chatbots which are all over the web. Facebook Messenger alone operates 100,000 bots in order to keep up with the finest and fastest level of customer satisfaction imaginable. These serve the ever so important purpose of customer engagement and personal marketing. The set up for one of these chatbots is so incredibly easy and can introduce a whole new layer of digital marketing to your brand.

Best of all, is the fact that chatbots work overtime and are functional 24/7. They learn new information with each individual conversation they have which means the longer the chatbot is active, the more fluent it will be in whichever language or industry you want to operate in.

While they still can’t fully take over customer support just yet, the chatbot provides enough incentive for implementation for both small and large businesses.

User Experience Advantages

It’s an impossible task to try and cater a single website to millions of users across the world, despite all the efforts in extensive customer profiling. Artificial Intelligence algorithms introduce a new level of curated design to the web.

Low grade tasks such as data research and visual style generation etc can all be done using AI algorithms. These tasks stated are technical and incredibly time consuming meaning the design team get time taken away from them to do these repetitive tasks which they could be using to do their own precious work.

By sharing out the workload between AI algorithms and web designers, users will be presented with more appealing websites and will be more willing to engage with your content more frequently.

Content Curation

One of the best reasons for AI in digital marketing is content curation.

People from different professional backgrounds often make up customer bases, along with that are people with generation gaps and lifestyle choices. So trying to please everyone with the same type of digital marketing content isn’t going to work in most cases.

However, an AI might be able to curate the content depending on who accessed your website.

The result of content curation is better targeting and managing of the content that is displayed to each user that engages with your website. The same principals can be applied to your online stores, blogs or forums which will make your content more appealing for new visitors.

What more could you want?


Ultimately, the use of AI in digital marketing is widespread, however, it can be argued that it’s still in its early stages.

That means if you haven’t yet invested in this incredible machine learning tool or a data science department don’t worry, it’s not too late! Just make sure to get on it as soon as possible.

Whether you’re outsourcing these capabilities or building them at your work base, you’ll eventually and inevitably need them in order to compete in this fast paced, constantly evolving digital marketing world.

AI in Digital Marketing, Written by Amelia Dean

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