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Curiosity James

Curiosity James

About the Project

Curiosity James approached Atomic Digital Marketing desiring a website that distinguishes them from their competition, boosts user experience and is speed optimised ready for advancements within the Google algorithm. The company seeked a platform which focused on enhancing UX through a high-end user interface, allowing the business to scale with a customer centric focus.

The primary goal for Curiosity James was to have a website that meets the demands of a successful online gift shop whilst elevating the business locally and cutting-through such a heavily competitive market.

The need for a professional design was apparent to Curiosity James as well as the demand for a unique and quirky looking store. Brand awareness was also a priority for the company, hoping to improve their domain authority and streamline their marketing funnels.


Curiosity James


Rochdale, Lancashire, United Kingdom

Project Types

Website Design, Build & Optimisation


SEO, HTML, CSS, WordPress & Adobe CS
Curiosity James

What We've Done

– Successfully launched a slick and modern website which fits perfectly into the segmented market; portraying the desired brand identity exceptionally.

– Transformed Curiosity James into a digital powerhouse by undertaking a repertoire of speed optimisation; resulting in under 2 second load times.

– Developed a digital infrastructure for the company, which enables hyper-growth and expansion; all whilst meeting demands.

Key Achievements

– Created an SEO optimised platform which dramatically improved user experience and conversions for Curiosity James.

– Built and deployed a website resulting in increased user retention and conversion; whilst generating deliverables within the desired project timeframe.

– Dramatically increased page speed and user satisfaction by implementing a slick and modern digital interface.

– Generated consistency between Curiosity James’ touchpoints and marketing funnels; propelling the business to the next level.

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