About the Project

Atomic and Wooflinks partnered together as an attempt to jumpstart the companies UK digital marketing journey; establishing and developing a visually stunning website with an eye-catching new logo & prominent branding.

The primary goal for Wooflinks was to have a website that meets the demands of a successful online directory, allowing customers to visit dog services around the UK that are trusted and safe. Our team created an excellent design for Wooflinks, making sure to remain within strict brand guidelines & amplify user experience.

As well as the website design & development, the company wanted our help regarding logo creation and branding. This once again was completed with excellent communication & flexibility, ensuring that their logo and branding resonates with the values and vision of the business. Our graphics designers whipped up a brand new logo that adds a light-hearted and welcoming feel to the website.




United Kingdom

Project Types

Website Design, Website Development & Branding


Wordpress, Adobe Creative Suite

What We've Done

– Successfully designed and built a directory for the client which conveyed a strong focus on UI & UX.

– Communicated the core brand values of the company whilst creating a more meaningful and customer-centric user path.

– Developed an information-rich & engaging user experience to encourage loyalty and returning visits.


Key Achievements

– Designed a directory-based website to challenge the historically fatigued format – delivering a visually engaging information-rich user experience.

– Designed a branded website, working closely to strict brand guidelines delivering a visually engaging & information-rich user experience.

– Developed & designed the complete website/logo in less than 2 months!

– Successfully launched a slick and modern website that fits perfectly into the segmented market; portraying the desired brand identity exceptionally.

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Savants is the UK’s leading Business Support provider offering a range of services to small businesses & individuals. Having supported their clients for over 9 years, their work success and experience as a Business Support provider speaks for itself. Savants approached Atomic with the view to create an updated website that portrays this work and service – after 3 weeks what was produced was a fully optimised, re-branded launch of the company. In the first few days, Savants moved into top 10 rankings in search engines for the most competitive business channel within their industry! Now we look forward to working with them on a paid marketing campaign to expand their digital marketing offering, at a time when their services have never been so important to their clients, helping Savants to reach out nationwide!

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