About the Project

Mediworld is a leading international company in the healthcare & medical industry, that focuses on supplying medical and scientific equipment. Based in the UK, Mediworld has had huge clients across the world, including general UK Hospitals, the United Nations, UNESCO, The World Health Organisation (WHO), and many more!

Mediworld initially came to us back in 2020 having already worked with a different digital marketing agency that managed their PPC & SEO. This allowed Mediworld to see a brief surge in organic sales for about a month, but without the proper foundations, it’s no surprise that they saw a drastic decrease in traffic and no forecast increase. This showed our developers that the previous agency did not fully optimise or build a solid SEO structure for Mediworld to take on larger audiences.

As COVID hit its peak during lockdown back in 2020-2021, Mediworld and the rest of the world truly realised the undiscovered potential that digital marketing has on the overall success of their businesses. This digital surge allowed Mediworld to see a large increase in organic traffic and sales, catapulting the need to shift focus towards building their digital marketing strategy.

Mediworld wanted to make a positive change to their SEO, and our team at Atomic knew exactly what to do to maximize their growth in the digital market. We are very proud of our work and are excited to see what the future brings for Mediworld.




London, United Kingdom

Project Types



Google Ads,
landing page for Mediworld healthcare & medical digital marketing

What We've Done

– Successfully increased long term organic traffic on Google, Bing and other search engines.

– Indexed nineteen per cent more keywords on the site.

– Entered over seventy new keywords into the top thirty rank.

– Our strategic SEO plan monitored and increased their search visibility profoundly.

Products page mediworld healthcare & medical digital marketing

Key Achievements

– Atomic’s digital marketing strategy enhanced Mediworld’s revenue by 80%.

– Our SEO improvements successfully increased transactions by over 160%.

– Increased their organic traffic on Google, the search engine powerhouse, by 121%

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Savants is the UK’s leading Business Support provider offering a range of services to small businesses & individuals. Having supported their clients for over 9 years, their work success and experience as a Business Support provider speaks for itself. Savants approached Atomic with the view to create an updated website that portrays this work and service – after 3 weeks what was produced was a fully optimised, re-branded launch of the company. In the first few days, Savants moved into top 10 rankings in search engines for the most competitive business channel within their industry! Now we look forward to working with them on a paid marketing campaign to expand their digital marketing offering, at a time when their services have never been so important to their clients, helping Savants to reach out nationwide!

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