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Effectively managing your social media requires a concise content strategy, consistency & creativity in spades. Atomic can do all of this for you across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more employing creative and powerful Social Media Strategies to truly take your brand to the next level. 


We plan, deploy and manage powerful brand reinforcing, engaging and sales-generating Social Media Marketing Strategies across a plethora of verticals. From locally managed businesses to global retailers, we can provide you with the same great results as our clients enjoy today.


We create engaging, visual and branded content suited to your business, posting and scheduling at optimal times of the day to ensure maximum engagement to your desired audiences.

If you are a business starting out or that is new to social media, Atomic can set up and brand all of your social media channels providing you with a solid foundation to launch your social activities.


We provide digestible, actionable and insightful monthly reports across all social channels, highlighting key metrics, post analysis, demographical breakdowns and even hashtag analysis.


We keep on top of incoming messages & comments, target influencers, ensure activity in meaningful engagements all with the aim of developing trust, increasing exposure and driving organic social growth.

Frequently Asked Social Media Marketing Questions

Social Media Marketing is about fundamentally promoting brands, products or services through social media platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter etc. 

Social Media as a topic has true depth and it takes  knowledge, experience  and access to a range of tools (SEO, PPC etc) to thrive in this field. Atomic's  ability and drive as a Social Media Marketing company disrupts industries using powerful social media marketing strategies and stand-out growth. 

Absolutely. Now more than ever people and businesses live their lives online. Social Media Marketing can reinforce your brand, vastly improve trust and subsequent loyalty for return business. Social media also poses as a platform to educate your B2B customers and even end-users. Put simply, do not underestimate the power of Social Media, just ensure that if your business does navigate down this route, that it's done properly. A dormant inactive group of social channels can have quite the opposite effect. 

Atomic have various Social Media Experts but more importantly specialists in B2B fields, this diversity is important for effective implementation. We have had great success for a host of B2B companies from around the globe and across a number of industries. If you need any Social Social Media support, get in touch with one of our experts today!  

Depending on your business , brand, location, target and products/services there are so many ways in which social media marketing works for a business but it always promotes the best facets in order to appeal to its specific audience.  As an example for local businesses we focus more on specific regional targets, tailoring the package towards those in your vicinity that have an interest in local (more personal) products/services and are in your geo-location. The strategy uses what it knows to focus is content targeting, telling a social story to its desired 'target' client/buyer.

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