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Postcards From Hawaii

About the Project

Atomic partnered with Postcards From Hawaii – a travel blog for the well-organised and environmentally conscious traveller – to re-design a lifestyle and travel blog which pops off the page and oozes personality.

This project gave us the opportunity to combine stylish web design with functionality and great UX. Postcards From Hawaii let us know that the site we designed must be optimised for high traffic and engagement, and serve as a cornerstone for the growth of their blog and associated projects.

Atomic was able to set itself apart by providing a seamless migration from the former Postcards From Hawaii website to our new build. Our SEO team also gave the site a thorough once-over, providing a robust build that will attract organic traffic and rank well in the long run.


Postcards From Hawaii


Vancouver, Canada

Project Types

Website Design, Website Development & Branding


WordPress, Adobe XD
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What We've Done

– Successful redesign of a functioning website to inject personality and create a beautiful user experience.

– Smooth migration of 300+ blog posts to a new Wordpress site.

– SEO migration and optimisation of new build to underpin the clients goals of increased traffic and engagement in the long term.

Key Achievements

– Designed a website to perfectly showcase blog posts, lifestyle and product photography – all with a beautiful and logical user experience.

– Captured the personality of a mindful, eco-friendly and entertaining brand with our designs.

– An SEO-first approach to ensure the framework of the site is optimised, measuring and optimising key metrics such as pagespeed to ensure great usability.

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