Redline Competitions

About the Project

Redline Competitions initially approached Atomic regarding our PageSpeed optimisation service. Over a 2 week period, we were able to enhance the client’s website UX whilst increasing ranking on Google SERP’s.

Before the optimisation, Redline Competitions PageSpeed score was 40 on mobile and 50 on desktop. After our optimisation, Redline’s score boosted to 95 on mobile and 99 on desktop with load times of 0.3-0.7 seconds.

Our partnership with Redline grew following the ongoing purchase of our custom PPC package. As part of our agreement, Atomic supplies creatives for their weekly campaigns whilst also managing and optimising the ad account. Since working with our PPC specialists, Redline Competitions were able to yield more than 1000+ conversions from Google Ads. Our experts also enhanced Facebook PPC – attracting more than 10,000+ link clicks to the website which led to a boost in sales & transactions.

By implementing a staged marketing plan which matched the respective goals of the client (including strong retargeting, up-selling, remarketing & cross-selling strategies), we were able to increase customer retention, lifetime values and subsequent ROAS – ensuring the business sees sustainable, long-term benefits.

Atomic & Redline’s long term goals are to slowly detach from PPC ads & increase efforts into sustainability & organic traffic. Our PPC optimisation service has already led to a great increase in organic traffic visiting the site. In fact, from August 2021 (the beginning of our PPC service) – December 2021, we have seen a 127% increase in organic traffic. This has allowed Redline Competitions to rely less on PPC ads whilst maintaining a large volume of organic traffic visiting their website.


Redline Competitions


Aston Court, Warrington, United Kingdom

Project Types

Page Speed Optimisation & PPC


Wordpress, SEO, HTML, CSS, PPC

What We've Done

– Undertook a complete PageSpeed optimization.

– Enhanced UX & CRO on the Redline Competitions website.

– Generated a huge increase in conversions & traffic via paid advertising.

– Boosted SERP’s rankings for all site pages.

Key Achievements

– Successfully converted +1000 users through Google Ads.

– Achieved over 10,000+ clicks on a link leading to a boost in sales & on-site transactions.

– Boosted the clients PageSpeed score from 40 on Mobile & 50 on Desktop to 95 on Mobile & 99 on Desktop.

– Increased organic traffic volume by 127%.

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Savants is the UK’s leading Business Support provider offering a range of services to small businesses & individuals. Having supported their clients for over 9 years, their work success and experience as a Business Support provider speaks for itself. Savants approached Atomic with the view to create an updated website that portrays this work and service – after 3 weeks what was produced was a fully optimised, re-branded launch of the company. In the first few days, Savants moved into top 10 rankings in search engines for the most competitive business channel within their industry! Now we look forward to working with them on a paid marketing campaign to expand their digital marketing offering, at a time when their services have never been so important to their clients, helping Savants to reach out nationwide!

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