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Check your PageSpeed score here and then click ‘Get Started‘ below and submit your details to the Atomic Team ready for analysis. 



Our team will analyse your website, its current state and will let you know of the Google PageSpeed score we can guarantee prior to us starting work. 



Once you approve the quote & provide access, we will get to work! When complete, we will send you an email showing you the amazing results we have achieved. 



Once you approve your new lightning-fast site we will conclude work but will remain available to help you where required. 

Frequently Asked PageSpeed Optimisation Questions

All our optimisations are bespoke, meaning we look at your site, the way it operates and how it loads then work our magic to ensure your website is as speed optimised as possible. Because every website is completely different in its usage and construction, we use various methods to achieve your optimisation guarantee.

Not at all! We take a backup of the site prior to working, and make all changes on a staging site so this is 100% safe and doesn't affect your website until the optimisation is ready.

We will achieve your guarantee without altering any designs at all, and yes we really can achieve over guaranteed score for your website without it.

If there are any huge stumbling blocks hindering performance (i.e. Plugins) we will communicate in advance and in any cases where you are not happy with the compromise, we will offer a refund or adjust the guarantee to suit. Any issues that we know of prior to starting we will make you fully aware of.

We provide a summary of the work done with instructions as necessary so things are very simple for you.

Every site is different in terms of how it is optimised, as indicate previously, we provide a summary of the work done with instructions as necessary.

When the work is complete we will send you full Google PageSpeed report for your manual approval, and will remain on hand should you require anything else from us at all or any further work.

Providing there are no new plug-in additions or major design alterations using new elements, the optimisation will still hold. All optimisations are conducted so that your site and its plugins can still be updated, usually, without issue. Major updates may require a tweak afterwards but generally this rarely happens. Of course we can’t talk for 3rd party softwares, if they drastically change the underlying plugin for their own reason, it may affect the optimisation, but at most we would expect only tweaking is required to remedy any issues.

  • It is fair to say that we can optimise almost any website that has the framework to allow it. These are highly professional services that require the relevant framework (WordPress, Shopify, Custom PHP & HTML) and access to the website / servers to ensure website speed can be optimised. So if for example we cannot optimise your website, it usually means that the current platform you are using is not built for scalability or things such as SEO. In this circumstance if you are looking to build your business/hobby over the long term and you want the system that will facilitate this growth, then we can build you a website with guaranteed speed metrics to get you started!

Specialists In High Speed Website Performance Optimisation

Before and After Virtual Internships PageSpeed Optimisation

Why does Google's PageSpeed Matter?

With Google’s June update looming, your website’s page speed is now more important than ever. To date, business owners generally have not paid a great deal of attention to their website speed but come June 2021, if your website does not hit the mark, your position on Google could drop quite significantly. 

Google is constantly trying to improve it’s user’s experience and in doing so will seriously favour websites and business whose loading times are within Google’s Guidelines. If you are unsure what your PageSpeed score is, find out below. 

Site Speed Optimisation Services
Sources: LoadStorm, Econsultancy

Guaranteed Google Pagespeed Optimisation Scores on All Platforms

Our Site Speed Optimisation Services

Google Page Speed Optimisation

Before commencing any work our Site Speed Optimisation Experts will analyse your site and provide a forecasted score that we will guarantee for both Mobile and Desktop! Quite simply, if we don’t achieve this, you don’t pay. 

Improved Performance without Compromising Design

All changes we make to your site to improve your Google Pagespeed Score will be done without changing the design of your site, UX or UI! I hear you say how!? Well that stays between you and us, get in touch today to find out.

WordPress gets a bad reputation for being slow and clunky but this absolutely does not need to be the case if the site is developed properly. We are specialists in WordPress Speed Optimisation We have optimised over 500 websites, over 60% of which are WordPress achieving an average of 97 in Google PageSpeed Optimisation Score. Let us do the same for you today. 

Shopify’s loading times aren’t known to be quite as bad as WordPress but they often can be much better. Our expert Shopify Page Speed Gurus will make sure your online store is lighting fast with no roadblocks in the purchasing process. 

Website Performance Optimisation

As a full-service Digital Marketing Agency, we know a thing or two about SEO and Web Development. As such, we offer our Website Performance Optimisation services across WordPress, Shopify, Webflow and even 100% custom developed websites with the sole aim of increasing your Google PageSpeed Optimisation score utilising our pioneering methods. 

The Most Effective Solution to Increase Conversions

Companies and individuals spend £1,000s improving bounce rates and conversion rates through many different methods such as micro A/B testing, changing host etc, but it can take years! What many fail to realise is that PageSpeed can in fact be a seriously quick win with the right know how and tools – this is where we come in…

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