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About the Project

CRCC Asia is the leading provider of Internships (physical placement) Programs throughout Asia. Atomic has been working with CRCC Asia for over 3 years in a number of Digital Marketing areas including Web Development, PPC (Google Ads & Facebook Ads) and SEO. Having worked with this company for some time we have seen them benefit from their digital success year on year!




Shanghai, China

Project Types

Web Design, SEO, PPC


Custom Design, Wordpress CMS, Zapier, Zoho One, Facebook, Google
CRCC Asia Homepage

What We've Done

1. Planned and deployed a powerful long term SEO strategy focusing both link building to build authority as well as on-page changes to ensure consistency high volumes of organic traffic.

2. Deployed explosive PPC campaigns across Facebook Ads and Google Ads with the sole two aims of increasing exposure and driving leads.

3. Upgraded the CRCC Asia website with a standout web design, in accordance with new brand guidelines, to not only modernise the brand but ensure better User Experience while navigating around the website.

CRCC Asia Why Intern Abroad Web Design
About CRCC Asia

Key Achievements

1. Applied a holistic keyword strategy of over 200+ keywords leading to organic traffic increases of over 900% with over 25 keywords now ranked in the top 10 on Google.

2. Helped maintain and improve their website by conducting frequent site-wide A/B tests as part of a conversion rate optimisation strategy, as well as frequent improvements in content, customer acquisition, application form, interview integrations, lear nurturing flows, and much more. This in combination lead to over 20% year on year increases in traffic with an average ROI of around 400% across all DM campaigns. 

3. Instigated global Google (PPC) and Facebook Ads campaigns with ever-increasing year on year campaign investments due increased capacity to enrol students globally. 

4. Implemented 360-degree tracking both site-wide and also within the CRM/email campaigns, enabling the business to now calculate true ROI on digital campaigns, in turn leading to a more controlled budget allocation and an even bigger decrease in spending requirements.

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Savants is the UK’s leading Business Support provider offering a range of services to small businesses & individuals. Having supported their clients for over 9 years, their work success and experience as a Business Support provider speaks for itself. Savants approached Atomic with the view to create an updated website that portrays this work and service – after 3 weeks what was produced was a fully optimised, re-branded launch of the company. In the first few days, Savants moved into top 10 rankings in search engines for the most competitive business channel within their industry! Now we look forward to working with them on a paid marketing campaign to expand their digital marketing offering, at a time when their services have never been so important to their clients, helping Savants to reach out nationwide!

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