My Vital Metrics

About the Project

My Vital Metrics offers state of the art body measurement tools to give key physical measurements on customers body composition, body scanning, RMR and cardiovascular fitness.

My Vital Metrics initially approached Atomic Digital Marketing to undergo a PageSpeed optimisation service. This was a great success – Atomic were able to boost the PageSpeed scores from 25 on mobile & 54 on desktop to 97 on mobile & 96 on desktop.

Atomic reduced My Vital Metrics’ mobile load time from 24-45 seconds to 2-3 Seconds on mobile. This allowed My Vital Metrics to increase both their SEO ranking score as well as UX; giving My Vital Metrics an excellent website page for users to interact with.

In addition to our service, we provided My Vital Metrics with a data persona report. This enabled the company to gauge a greater understanding of who their customers are; ie their demographics, hobbies/interests, location & what influenced the consumer to purchase My Vital Metrics services. All our suggestions were data-driven which was acquired from a multitude of platforms – both quantitative and qualitative.

Gradually our partnership led to My Vital Metrics purchasing Atomic’s web design & development service – allowing My Vital Metrics to create a brand new website that followed their guidelines and vision. We created a website that looked both professional and informative – giving users a clear idea of My Vital Metrics services whilst providing clear touchpoints that allowed the consumer to engage with ease and efficiency.

Our future goals with My Vital Metrics are to fully assist the company across all digital remits through 2022 and beyond – initially starting with SEO, Email Marketing & PPC.


My Vital Metrics


London, United Kingdom

Project Types

SEO, PPC, UX/UI Design & Web Development


Wordpress, SEO, CRO, HTML & CSS

What We've Done

– Created a stunning web design that enhanced UX.

– Developed and modernised the website with a particular focus regarding UI.

– Enhanced loading times through our PageSpeed Optimisation service.

– Analysed data leading to successful consumer targeting for the company.

Atomic Website Design

Key Achievements

– Doubled My Vital Metrics PageSpeed score from 25 on mobile & 54 on desktop to 97 on mobile & 96 on desktop.

– Reduced mobile loading time by over 40 seconds.

– Designed a branded website whilst working closely to strict guidelines delivering a visually engaging and information-rich user experience.

– Developed an insightful data persona report backed by a multitude of quantitative and qualitative data; ensuring the persona fits with My Vital Metrics consumer targeting.

– Built, managed and delivered q complete website infrastructure; ensuring high PageSpeed loading times to improve overall website engagement and customer retention.

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