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We launch innovative, intelligent & hyper-targeted Facebook Ad Campaigns that truly resonate with your ideal customers to grow your business for the long-term.

Shindigger Brewing Co

Manchester, UK

Shindigger has grown incredibly since inception and has recently taken this very popular brand to the next level, offering 2-day nationwide delivery and initially promoting this via Facebook Ads in combination with a concrete SEO Strategy. Atomic focused on powerful Facebook Ad Campaigns in combination with a data-driven SEO Strategy and delivered this with huge success. We achieved a Return on Ad Spend of over 860% and increased organic traffic by over 900%, a great achievement for both parties over a 12 month period. 

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Facebook Ads Management Services that disrupt Industries

This is how we do it.

Hyper-targeted Campaigns

When our Facebook Ads Management team begin, they will research and A/B test countless audiences pertaining to your customer's digital persona. No stone is left unturned here and this results in hyper-targeted campaigns reaching your perfect customers every day costing you much less in the long-term.

Stunning Imagery, Motion Graphics and Video

It doesn't matter how good your campaign targeting is - if the creatives are lacking, the campaign will simply not perform. Atomic's design team ensure every image, video and motion graphic accompanying your campaigns is on-brand and jaw droppingly beautiful.


Ever wanted to target users that visited your website but that did not convert? Look no further. We can set up powerful retargeting campaigns within Facebook Ads to convert those lost leads that you know are interested.

Facebook Ads Reporting & Auditing

Find out how well your existing campaigns are performing and where the opportunities for growth and improvements lie. We will dig down into your data like never before, whilst offering clear and actionable advice to drive your PPC campaigns forward.

The Buntzel Bakery

Cheshire, UK

The Buntzel Bakery, without doubt, create some of the tastiest products we’ve ever had the privilege of tasting. Not only that, they approached us to manage their Facebook ads to market these absolute tongue-teasing treats – perfect!

Atomic achieved a Return On Ad Spend of well over 500% within just one month of working with The Buntzel Bakery. This was achieved through a series of creative, hyper-targeted and retargeting campaigns, massively improving sales for the team at The Buntzel Bakery.

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The bulldog hut

California, USA

Love bulldogs? Love snazzy clothes and accessories with bulldogs on them? Look no further. Bulldog Hut create it all and Atomic had the pleasure of successfully launching their pawsome products globally through powerful conversion focused Facebook Ad campaigns, social media marketing across a plethora of platforms & SEO, increasing organic traffic by over 400% in the first 5 months. 

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Shanghai, China

CRCC Asia provide global internships to graduating students from around the globe. Atomic has helped CRCC Asia with their website design & SEO for over 2 years, adapting their designs and users flow to increase conversion rates, all whilst increasing their organic traffic by over 1,200%.

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Harrogate, UK

After launching Rocambolesque’s revitalised website, Atomic boosted this new aesthetics brand and business utilising the power of Facebook Ads, specifically targeting high margin services to yield the highest ROI. After just 1.5 months, we achieved an ROI of over 270%, a great achievement in such a competitive industry. 

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Frequently Asked e-Commerce SEO Questions

Facebook is an essential social media platform for advertising to expand your reach by increasing your brand awareness, attracting leads and generating conversions. Facebook Ads are affordable as you determine the price for your advertising that has proven to work. Creating a Facebook Ad is highly customisable to align with your marketing strategy along with our expertise for visibly quick results.


Facebook looks for ‘interests’ to define your audience, unlike Google with is about Search intent. Facebook is considered one of the best social media platforms for ROI and a great platform to support your organic strategy and growth. Our team provides you insight of how your campaigns are going and if your advertising techniques need changes for better results. 

Facebook advertising done correctly, is proven to work for all businesses regardless of the size or industry, and this platform is majorly used for content marketing directly to the target audience. As with any marketing campaign, these methods need testing for a minimum of 3 months to ensure even after optimisation whether this is the right platform for you. We offer exploratory packages so you can test multiple platforms at once and ensure you know which advertising platform is best for you!

Facebook looks for ‘interests’ to define your audience, unlike Google with is about Search intent. Facebook is considered one of the best social media platforms for ROI and a great platform to support your organic strategy and growth. Our team provides you insight of how your campaigns are going and if your advertising techniques need changes for better results. 

There are many advantages of hiring a digital marketing agency for your Facebook advertising. These advantages include agile to change, resourceful services, marketing expertise, optimised spends, effective lead generations, 30 years knowledge /experience and providing access to cutting-edge emerging technology. 


Additionally our agency can assist you in obtaining quick effective results, building relationships and scaling your business internationally. Most importantly, time is money and our Atomic experts will ensure each minute is optimised for explosive growth and your satisfaction. 

Facebook is a great platform with many options available for your Facebook advertising. Options include post engagement, graphic video, event responses, lead generation ads, irresistible offers and instant experiences. Other advertising options include page likes, slideshow, carousel, collection and images. Although all these options are available for Facebook advertising, it’s how you optimise the advertising and that’s where our Atomic Digital Marketing experts excel! 

With Facebook advertising we can target your specific users interests to increase the lead generation, conversion rate and we can even  retarget to your optimal audience. We can generate leads using Facebook Lead Ads, which allows our experts to record details from customers while offering opportunities to connect via newsletter subscriptions, demo requests, offers, contests and much much more. Key benefits of Facebook Lead Ads is that it is optimised for mobile users and can be synced directly with your CRM system, allowing highly efficient follow-ups for conversions. 

Yes, advertising on Facebook is in your control as our team provides thorough reports, insights and live access to the marketing techniques. Our team can regulate the URLs on which your advertisement will appear and you can have live access. 

The success of your Facebook advertising can be measured by focusing on your impressions (views), click-through rate, reach (people) and the engagement response from your advertisements. Along with these, our professional team will implement complete optimisation to increase your conversion rates and ensure your return on ad spend (ROAS) is greater than the budget itself. We have packages for those that have never undertaken PPC as a marketing strategy before; ensuring you know the best and most effective channels for your business.

Facebook is a valuable tool to enhance your existing social media strategies, expand brand awareness and attain your business marketing goals. Atomic professionals are experts in Search Engine Optimisation, ensuring all key aspects of your platform are enabled for your business to bloom. From brand messaging, ascertaining leads to organic increases and awareness, we can help across the board.

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