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We launch innovative, intelligent & hyper-targeted Google Ad Campaigns that truly resonate with your perfect customers to grow your business in the short and long-term.

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This is How.

Hyper-targeted Google Ads Campaigns

When our Google Ads Management team begin, they will research and A/B test countless audiences pertaining to your customer's digital persona. No stone is left unturned here and this results in hyper-targeted campaigns reaching your perfect customers every day costing you much less in the long-term.

Stunning Imagery, Motion Graphics and Video

It doesn't matter how good your campaign targeting is - if the creatives for your Google Ads Display campaigns are lacking, the campaign will simply not perform. Atomic's design team ensure every image, video and motion graphic accompanying your campaigns is on-brand and jaw-droppingly beautiful.


Ever wanted to target users that visited your website but that did not convert? Look no further. We can set up powerful retargeting campaigns within Google Ads to convert those lost leads that you know are interested.

Google Ads Reporting & Auditing

Find out how well your existing campaigns are performing and where the opportunities for growth and improvements lie. We will dig down into your data like never before, whilst offering clear and actionable advice to drive your PPC campaigns forward.

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