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We launch innovative, intelligent & hyper-targeted Google Ad Campaigns that truly resonate with your perfect customers to grow your business in the short and long-term. We are an award-winning Google Ads Agency where consistency, YOUR profitability and mutual transparency are our highest priority.

Google Ads Management Services

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Hyper-targeted Google Ads Campaigns

When our Google Ads Management team begin, they will research and A/B test countless audiences pertaining to your customer's digital persona. No stone is left unturned here and this results in hyper-targeted campaigns reaching your perfect customers every day costing you much less in the long-term.

Stunning Imagery, Motion Graphics and Video

It doesn't matter how good your campaign targeting is - if the creatives for your Google Ads Display campaigns are lacking, the campaign will simply not perform. Atomic's design team ensure every image, video and motion graphic accompanying your campaigns is on-brand and jaw-droppingly beautiful.


Ever wanted to target users that visited your website but that did not convert? Look no further. We can set up powerful retargeting campaigns within Google Ads to convert those lost leads that you know are interested.

Google Ads Reporting & Auditing

Find out how well your existing campaigns are performing and where the opportunities for growth and improvements lie. We will dig down into your data like never before, whilst offering clear and actionable advice to drive your PPC campaigns forward.

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Frequently Asked Google Ads Services Questions

Pay-per-click (PPC) enables Google advertising across large-scale audiences that are searching for your business services/products. PPC is a powerful and cost-effective approach to spreading brand awareness and generating high-quality leads to boost your sales. 


PPC is the ultimate short term advertising solution allowing business owners the opportunity to advertise on Google searches, be visible to the select audience seeking your services and products. This provides the best opportunity for businesses to drive home sales! 

Google Ads PPC is very beneficial for your business as you can track campaigns with complete transparency as our team provides you access to live insights. The PPC marketing strategy allows you to advertise directly to your desired audience, increasing your website traffic, increasing your lead rates and sales. 


PPC is cost-efficient as you would only pay for the advertisement when it is clicked by a potential customer. Our creative team designs and customises your advertisements, optimising your campaigns and allowing you to obtain full control over your lead generation through custom campaigns created to fulfil your business goals.

PPC Google advertising is a proven technique for all businesses, whether you provide services, sell products, or collect data, regardless of your size and industry. Our experts implement keyword optimisation, appealing visuals and memorable content for your advertising that fits best within your budget. If you have never advertised via Google Ads before, it is important to provide the necessary time for the campaigns to work and optimise, we may even suggest other platforms as necessary! Get in touch about our explorer package today and test your business across multiple platforms!

Our team is determined to provide our clients with result-driven campaigns created to convert potential customers and increase your revenue! The desired results will depend on your current knowledge and experience as our experts would have to collect data, analyze then optimise your PPC advertisements to ensure qualified and quality leads are generated. 

Our digital marketing agency will provide you with lead generating, sales-driven PPC Google advertising to broaden your brand awareness and as our experts focus on increasing your return of investment. Our team's depth in knowledge and market experience will shorten the time required to gain optimised profitable campaigns and will also ensure your budget is spent effectively. We analyse your customer intent and data to discover insights, manage live campaigns and implement the very best techniques for optimisation. 

Our professionals work within your set budget to build a strong structure while focusing on high-performance keywords optimisation, appealing visuals and compelling content for your Google advertisements. We have the actionable insight required to help navigate the complexities of such projects and campaigns meaning you get to read the results and make impactful decisions to control your business vision.

Pay-per-click is measured by number of clicks, the click-through rate, quality score, cost-per-click, conversion rate impression share, average position and budget attainment. Our specialists aim to achieve growing results to achieve successful sales campaigns and implement different measures to ensure they are as optimised and effective as possible.

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Atomic provides you full access to live data collection and reporting for crucial insights which provide information of required improvements that our digital marketing agency specialises in. Our team provides you with continual support and services to reach your ultimate marketing goals and business success. Our team has over 30 years collective experience and without this level of training and expertise we would not recommend operating your campaigns. Not only is our professional team there to ensure your spends remain effective, we provide you with the best and most optimal campaigns for performance meaning we lower your spends and provide as much bang-for-buck as possible!

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