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What we Do

Hyper-targeted TikTok Ads Campaigns

Using TikToks advanced audience insights and targeting methodologies, Atomic will ensure your video content is reaching your hyper-targeted audiences whether top or bottom of the funnel and also in-line with your overarching goal

Conversion Tracking Done Properly

Time and time again we see companies and individuals invest thousands into TikTok Ads without correct conversion tracking. We will ensure every Video viewed and click to your website is 100% tracked allowing you truly see what your return on investment is, how many purchases were made and so on.


Ever wanted to target users that visited your website but that did not convert? Look no further. We can set up powerful retargeting campaigns within TikTok Ads to convert those lost leads that you know are interested.

TikTok Ads Reporting & Auditing

Find out how good your existing campaigns are and where the opportunities for growth and development are. We study your data like never before and at the same time offer clear and practical tips for managing your TikTok Ads campaigns.

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Frequently Asked TikTok Ads Services Questions

As TikTok Ads managers, we manage the ads themselves and don't at this time create the video content itself. Our speciality lies in ensuring whatever content you create absolutely hits its target market. In addition to this, we ensure budget is managed effectively, all data is analysed with a fine tooth-comb, all clicks and that conversions purchases are tracked properly all with the ultimate aim of making you as profitable as possible with the highest return on investments. 

That said, Atomic does partner with a series of videographers and video production companies that can produce content for both the organic and paid TikTok Ads side of things, depending on which industry you are in. 

About 66% of TikTok users are under the age of 30, with 41% in the 16-24 age group; and many of the platform's popular videos have to do with topics such as school and homework. If your target audience is older, you may not be able to take advantage of the platform. Keep in mind, however, that young people are usually the "first users" of most new technologies, and older demographics are more likely to discover and use the application.

There are three key ways brands can sell on TikTok:

Create your own channel and upload relevant videos through their channel, such as click-to-play ads.

Work with influencers to inform a wider audience.

Pay to advertise on TikTok with performance-based campaigns.

Many brands combine all three types of advertising to promote effectiveness.

With TikTok Ads, marketers can choose from a variety of formats, including horizontal, vertical or square videos and images.

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