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Atomic offers industry-leading Search Engine Optimisation Services designed to improve your business’s search position, improve online visibility & outrank any competition for keywords that matter to your business.

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With 67,000 Google searches every second and 75% of these people never scrolling past the first page, SEO is undoubtedly king as a cost-effective long-term growth solution. We have vast experience and case studies showcasing how we help businesses rank amongst the most competitive industries.

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Shanghai, China

CRCC Asia provide global internships to graduating students from around the globe. Atomic has helped CRCC Asia with their website design & SEO for over 2 years, adapting their designs and users flow to increase conversion rates, all whilst increasing their organic traffic by over 1,200%.

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Increase in Organic Traffic
Top 1
On Google for Over 18 Search Terms

London, UK

Atomic supported Savant’s rapid growth strategy through digital transformations that underpinned the business. Atomic also undertook a brand relaunch, overhauled digital processes, built 3 award worthy websites & deployed powerful PPC Campaigns across Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Under Atomic’s SEO efforts, we also skyrocketed their position on Google seeing tremendous increases in organic traffic by over 1,400% in just 7 months.

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Advanced Search Engine Optimisation

Our Affordable SEO Services

On-Page SEO Services

We will audit your site and optimise your website and its pages to maximise search engine visibility. This includes Meta tags, schema, featured snippets, image optimisation, keyword optimisation, internal linking and much more – we do it all.

Off Page SEO Services

Our SEO Services includes all remits of off-page SEO including conducting SEO audits, continuously monitoring and strengthening your backlink profile, optimizing your local SEO efforts, and building branded mentions on relevant and authoritative websites.

Keyword Research Services

We conduct thorough keyword research backed with search trend analysis to formulate powerful keyword strategies. We then keyword optimise your entire website in-line with this strategy, skyrocketing your rankings in the process.

Atomic works with many global businesses requiring outstanding rankings on Google in numerous countries worldwide. Atomic’s expert team achieve these results through leading international SEO tactics to ensure your business (along with it’s products and services) are found around the world on Google and other major search engines.


California, USA

Love bulldogs? Love snazzy clothes and accessories with bulldogs on them? Look no further. Bulldog Hut create it all and Atomic had the pleasure of successfully launching their pawsome products globally through powerful conversion focused Facebook Ad campaignssocial media marketing across a plethora of platforms & E-Commerce SEO, increasing organic traffic by over 400% in the first 5 months. 

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Increase in Organic Traffic in 5 Months

As a full-service Digital Marketing Agency, we know a thing or two about SEO and Web Development. As such, we provide WordPress Site Speed Optimisation, Shopify, Webflow and even 100% custom developed website optimisation, all with the sole aim of increasing your Google PageSpeed Optimisation score utilising our pioneering methods. We have averaged optimisation scores of 97 across around 500+ businesses.

If you are looking to rebuild, rebrand, move domains or re-organise/re-structure your web presence and wish to migrate your SEO in the process, look no further. 


Atomic Digital Marketing is a UK SEO Agency comprising of a team of SEO Migration experts to ensure your website is migrated successfully without losing valuable SEO. Time and time again we see brand new sites launched that look fantastic but where zero consideration has been placed on the migration of your hard-earned SEO.

Drink Amino

London, UK

DrinkAmino, based in London, is a premium Amino Acid supplement producer. They recently approached Atomic wanting to solve their problem of poor SEO and rankings on Google.

In just one week, Atomic identified a low Google PageSpeed and improved it significantly – finally achieving a Google PageSpeed score of over 90 on mobile giving DrinkAmino the boost in rankings & organic traffic, over the following weeks, that they needed.

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Google PageSpeed Score on Mobile

We help E-commerce businesses globally perform online by boosting their product’s position and visibility on Google by planning and deploying powerful E-commerce SEO Strategies. This amplifies organic traffic and boosts sales for the long-term. 

Link Building Services

Our affordable link building services include compliant targeted outreach to gain backlinks, drive referral traffic & increase authority to boost rankings.

If you are a growing local business, you will know that getting your name out there and accessing the local marketplace can be tricky. As a specialised Local SEO Agency, we can help improving your online visibility. Our local SEO services will ensure you are visible, you are found and that your clients come to you above competition.

Client SEO portal & Reporting

In addition to our SEO Services, we provide full access to a live-updating SEO reporting system where at any time, you can track your exact search engine rankings for all keywords, monitor your websites health, perform SEO competitor analysis & much more.

We perform website SEO Audits to uncover all website errors that are hindering you from ranking on Google. To kickstart things, you can also take our Free SEO Audit to establish an overview of your current situation and SEO flaws.​

Competitor SEO Analysis

A major part of SEO is having a firm grasp on your competition, how they rank and what they are ranking for. Our Competitor Analysis Services do just this. We will highlight exactly what your competition are ranking for and how they are achieving their search position with the overarching aim of outranking them.


Manchester, UK

Shindigger has grown incredibly since inception and has recently taken this very popular brand to the next level, offering 2-day nationwide delivery and initially promoting this via Facebook Ads in combination with a concrete SEO Strategy. Atomic focused on powerful Facebook Ad Campaigns in combination with a data-driven SEO Strategy and delivered this with huge success. We achieved a Return on Ad Spend of over 860% and increased organic traffic by over 900%, a great achievement for both parties over a 12 month period. 

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Increase in Organic Traffic
Keywords Ranked in Top 10
Social Media Marketing Management Agency in Cheshire - Facebook dashboard Illustration

Access our Client SEO portal

Our results-driven SEO agency provides all clients with the ultimate in transparency and data analytics for their SEO. Every client gets access to our innovative SEO software for first-hand insight & tracking into your SEO performance, so you can enjoy the view as we grow your business! This platform gives you the chance to join the driver seat with an easy-to-digest and focused analytical dashboard for ultimate control & transparency.

Frequently Asked SEO Services Questions

SEO focuses on improving the quality and quantity of visitors to your website through organic means via Google or other major search engines. SEO brings in organic/unpaid traffic rather than paid advertising traffic by optimising your website and external related assets. This means you can achieve conversions from naturally occurring organic search queries pertaining to your business, free of charge rather than investing heavily into for example Google Ads in order to outrank competition!

Clients and consumers alike all use search engines to find solutions to their needs and requirements. You can rely on the fact that your target audience will be on the internet, you just need to find them. So, why do you need SEO? Because it unlocks limitless potential for you and your business, putting you in front of your audience and minimal costs! If your SEO is poor, it could cost you tens of thousands per month to pay to appear on Page 1 on Google through Google Ads. 

There is a vast range of prices when it comes to SEO. From your local food grocer to a global conglomerate, with largely different tasks taking place, SEO requires specialist knowledge and a difference in scope to accommodate these fundamental business differences. Atomic Digital Marketing's prices are more on the affordable side of things though. Read more here.

In many ways no but the answer of can we do it is simply, yes. Achieving the results you require is most certainly possible, and yes we can do that for you, but SEO is about work taking place, the more you do, the more content you put out, the harder you work on optimisation the better SEO will be.


Through our SEO audit tools we also get to know roughly what road map you need to follow to beat that top-ranking competitor!

With 67,000 Google searches every second and 75% of these people never scrolling past the first page, SEO is undoubtedly king when it comes to competing cost-effectively in the long-term.


If you have a website and operate a business you will most likely be keen to make sure people come to your business, be it through Local SEO or otherwise. When you consider why you need SEO you have to first consider what marketing usually means.

Usually, you can pay to market your business outwardly, but how many of these avenues allow your customers to find you naturally? SEO enables your website to be found through organic searches for keywords and phrases that pertain to your business and industry. More than any other place on the earth Google is where the widest ‘pot’ of customers is waiting and reaching these requires a well structured, concise, and powerful SEO Strategy. Read more here. 

There are millions of searches every day, even as much as 2 million every second. These are customers looking for your products. SEO is important for anybody that wants to attract traffic to their site. The better your SEO, the more organic traffic (free) will visit your site, and the more cost-effective organic conversions you will yield.

So why is SEO important?

It's no different to your high street, you need to lay the foundations so people walking down the street can find you.

There can be a whole host of reasons why your search engine rankings have decreased. There are over 1,600 checks under professional SEO services will make as part of an SEO Audit to ensure your website is optimised for search engines. If you don’t have someone who can work on these issues and find you are trying to do things yourself, be cautious. The smallest of changes to a website can have the biggest impact down the line so it's imperative these are done by someone who knows SEO inside and out. 

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