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We deliver more customers to E-commerce businesses globally, helping them perform online by boosting their product’s position and visibility on Google through tested and powerful E-commerce SEO Strategies. Our SEO strategies increase organic traffic where it matters and amplify sales for the long-term. Our E-commerce SEO Services are available on WordPressShopify, Webflow, Custom Bespoke Websites and more. 

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e-Commerce SEO Audit

Atomic’s E-commerce SEO audit is an in-depth analysis of your E-commerce website or platform taking into account all search engine algorithm ranking factors and best practices with the fundamental aim of improving your online store and its product’s visibility on search engines.

Shop Design Review

Design is an increasingly important aspect of SEO and the layout, the look of an online store is just as important as the product it sells. We’ll review your store to ensure it's engaging, easy to navigate and, most importantly, designed to convert and generate sales, no matter the product.

e-Commerce Product SEO Optimisation

We will optimise every one of your products to ensure the best chance of ranking well on search engines. Not only this, but we will optimise the products, their copy and their creatives to amplify conversion rates and sales for each and every click to your products.

Frequently Asked e-Commerce SEO Agency Questions

E-Commerce SEO is the strategic process of ensuring your online shop and products are more visible in the search engine results pages (SERPs). When potential users on the likes of Google search for products that you actively sell online, you want to rank as highly as possible to ensure you get more organic traffic. The alternative would be to pay for traffic from paid search, but SEO costs much less in the long-term and truly is king when it comes to competing cost-effectively. 

E-commerce SEO services have gathered importance since the inception of the internet and more importantly, since the recent pandemic with a percentage change exceeding 80% in online sales. The high-street is dead and the world has well and truly now shifted to predominantly online shopping, making this your prime opportunity to reap the rewards from this shift. 

If you have an online store locally or internationally, your main aim will be to make sure your products are seen in search engine results so you can grow sales organically without having to invest tens of thousands into paid channels - our e-commerce SEO services do just that! Depending on the nature of your business, you may require predominantly local SEO services or International SEO services as part of your e-Commerce SEO Package. 

Retail is growing online, now exceeding 30% of total sales and growing. With this growth comes competition and especially in niche markets, making E-commerce SEO services all the more important. With anything high in competition it is important to start early, the earlier you start SEO the less difficult it is to achieve the visibility you need!

Almost every graph includes a trend that boosted digital one way or another since the start of the pandemic! Whilst we know that online sales account for over 30% of total sales still, its prominence has now changed forever and we don’t feel this trend will ever turn back.


Those that had a good E-commerce SEO Agency or strategy in place will be reaping the rewards where others that didn’t shift focus to online are now looking for answers.

Graph of eCommerce Sales Since Pandemic - eCommerce SEO

Now is the time to make sure you take notice of this growth and benefit from a powerful eCommerce SEO strategy today.


Mobile Commerce  (M-Commerce) is set to overtake E-commerce by 2022. Currently mobile accounts for 80% of all website visitors yet it is still under 50% of the sales, well the trend is telling us this is changing!


We are data-driven professionals that take notice of these changes and we include mobile optimisation within our E-commerce SEO services so no one loses out!


A ‘current’ E-commerce SEO strategy is not just about improving the levels of traffic visiting your site, we maintain levels of visibility across mobile and desktop, we target the right levels of sale funnel to insert your customers in at the right point of their journey and ultimately we ensure the data shows your products and website is performing across the board!


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