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Atomic Digital Marketing is a Local SEO Agency consisting of a team of Local SEO experts to get your business found on Google and other major search engines, all in the geographical locations that matter to you! We have helped many businesses, based in the UK and globally, rank locally for some of the most competitive keywords pertaining to their industries.

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our Local SEO services

Google My Business Services

The first step! This tool is free from Google but it allows you to manage your Google Maps listing, panel of products/services, business profile, reviews and much more. Optimising GMB has lasting effects on credibility and therefore authority when it comes to digital domains.

Website optimisation

Your website must be optimised in accordance with your local SEO strategy. Not only that, any listing or directory linked to your business must have the same basic information. We will SEO optimise your website, implement your local SEO strategy and ensure all internal & external facets of this strategy work in unison.

On-Page SEO Services

We will audit your site and optimise your website and its pages to maximise search engine visibility. This includes Meta tags, schema, featured snippets, image optimisation, keyword optimisation, internal linking and much more – we do it all.

Off Page SEO Services

Our SEO Services includes all remits of off-page SEO including conducting SEO audits, continuously monitoring and strengthening your backlink profile, optimizing your local SEO efforts, and building branded mentions on relevant and authoritative websites.

Local Citations

Quite easily put if Google can see your business across multiple spaces online then trust is built. Consistency in information, messaging and output via many local resources will mean your business ranks and becomes reputable. Atomic will build a whole host of reputable citations that link to your business, mirror its information and get you ranking!

Local Link Building

When you consider what support a good local business has, it is usually a strong brand or reputation within its location offline, people referring to and talking about your business as result of a conversation being had. This is no different, we help identify and explore opportunity to build links and rapport with other local businesses/institutions so people are talking about your company ‘online’ too. This increases authority and will improve local SEO for the service areas that matter to you.

As a full-service Digital Marketing Agency, we know a thing or two about SEO and Web Development. As such, we provide our Website Performance Optimisation services across WordPress, Shopify, Webflow and even 100% custom developed websites with the sole aim of increasing your Google PageSpeed Optimisation score utilising our pioneering methods. We have averaged optimisation scores of 97 across around 500+ businesses.  

Website optimisation

Your website must be optimised in accordance with your local SEO strategy. Not only that, any listing or directory linked to your business must have the same basic information. We will SEO optimise your website, implement your local SEO strategy and ensure all internal & external facets of this strategy work in unison.

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Frequently Asked Local SEO Questions

According to resources around the world predominantly (90%) of purchases still take place in local stores. If you consider that most of people's disposable income (some 80%) is spent within 20 miles of your surroundings, it goes to show just how important a local SEO strategy really is.


From local information to optimisation to reviews, these are all elements we consider when supporting your local SEO efforts. We also operate a business listings service to help support your address and operational locations. In a nutshell, Local SEO is about communicating to Google (and other search engines) how relevant you are for certain search terms and queries.

If you are not already sold on the fact that most people and most purchases are made in your area, then it's important to understand that you still need to be found in such local searches. Anybody worldwide can start to rank for terms such as “the best food in Cheshire” however you have to consider that people closer to purchasing will type in “order food near me” and it's at this moment local SEO really comes in.

Put simply a citation is any primary information for your business (Name, Address, Phone number, Website URL to name the most important.) This is information that appears online, mostly via business listings or even directories which is why we mention the importance of directory listings/listings services.


Local SEO should be seen as the fundamental requirement or ‘table stakes’ of SEO. Without it, you cannot meet the minimum requirements to ‘play the game.’ One thing to bear in mind is, would you even bother taking part, as a business owner, without the minimum requirements? And usually, the answer is no, it's about the chance to push to the next level which you can only really take on with putting the foundations in place. Get in touch so we can help you get next-level SEO services.

To rank locally you have to consider all potential ‘pillars’ and put them into action. The first major step is ‘Google My Business’ which displays all pertinent business information and geographical locations. Within GMB however you have to still optimise and consider the core elements which are:

Proximity: How close are yo to the searcher?

Relevance: How relevant is your product/service to the search query?

Authority/social prominence: What do others/3rd parties/consumers say about your business or products/services?

Every local business needs to improve organic traffic and local online visibility, on what's known as your 'local SEO pack'.

Business listings that support these display business listings that appear below the map in the results displayed after a Google search with local intent.

SERP Example - Plumbers in Cheshire

Below is the local pack that results from the search ‘plumbers in Cheshire’

Everything displayed here is also in the Google My Business profile. This is something that needs to be filled and optimised for best display. The more information that is optimised here, the better it is for your local SEO.

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