Why a Virtual Marketing Department is Crucial to your Business’s Success

The Internet Age is well and truly upon us. Today’s competitive arena, where business is concerned, is global rather than high street. Today’s marketing strategies require you to venture forth into online territory, rather than relying on traditional flyers and newspaper ads. If you want your company to thrive, then online dominance is essential.

To harness the power of digital marketing, you need to build a digital marketing team. A digital marketing team can be built internally or remotely. The latter can be a more cost-effective and scalable solution, particularly for start-up businesses still in their infant years.

When it comes to harnessing power, you can’t do better than harnessing atomic power and the virtual marketing department service offered by Atomic Digital does just that. It gives you the full power potential of a digital marketing team at your fingertips, with no minimum terms, hourly billing and direct lines of communication.

Why is Marketing Important?

The answer to the question is simple. People aren’t going to know about your product or service unless you tell them about it. The more niche your product, the more you need to let people know it exists, so as to convince them they need to have it.

Like we said before, how businesses spread the news about their products and services has changed immensely in the last few decades. It is absolutely imperative nowadays that you see the internet as an ocean of opportunity, and ensure your product or service lures customers to you when they’re surfing the web.

If you find that thought daunting, then why not let Atomic Digital help? Our Virtual Marketing Department service can assemble a team of people who know how to promote your company online. Getting Atomic to do it for you is significantly more cost-effective and stress-free than trying to build your own internal marketing team to chart waters you’re unsure of. Power up with Atomic Digital!

Virtual Marketing Departments

‘Digital Marketing Transformation’ refers to the change from traditional marketing to a virtual approach. Many companies have been reaping the benefits of virtual marketing departments. Even businesses that previously outsourced this work to advertising companies in the past have been making the shift to virtual marketing departments.

It’s all about expertise and familiarity. A digital marketing team consists of several employees who specialize in optimizing online marketing channels. Titles of these employees may include Social Media Managers, SEO Specialists, PPC Specialists, Performance Marketing Specialists, Web Developers and so on. These teams are generally led by Head of Digitals, Chief Digital Officers or Digital Marketing Managers.

Many start-ups don’t have the funds or know-how to recruit digital marketing teams internally. Let a virtual marketing department come to the rescue. Having a team of digital marketers at your beck and call, ready and able to action whatever you need actioning across a plethora of digital marketing platforms, is the solution. A virtual marketing department is, in essence, your own remote marketing team that operates online (via Zoom Calls, Emails and Messaging) to ensure you get what you want done. Virtual marketing services are designed precisely for the types of businesses that need them. They are extremely flexible, have no minimum terms and put you in direct contact with your own dedicated Digital Marketing Manager to delegate your projects and tasks according to your needs. Powerful energy at your fingertips! Check out Atomic’s Virtual Marketing Department services here.

You needn’t feel alone in restructuring your business. If you need to fill a certain role, such as an SEO Specialist, for example, tell your virtual marketing department what you require and they will make it happen.


Essential Roles

The structure of a marketing team is dependent on the size of your business. A large company might have a Head of Marketing, to whom the Digital Manager reports. Smaller companies might require the Head of Marketing to execute both traditional and digital marketing.

Virtual Marketing Departments can help you fill the roles you need filling. The needs for individual companies will vary, but here are a few roles you could consider for your Virtual Marketing Team/Department;

  • Digital Marketing Directors to strategize and lead online promotional projects.
  • Digital Marketing Managers to lead and implement digital marketing campaigns, through agencies or in-house.
  • Digital Marketing Executives for day-to-day marketing work.
  • Digital Account Managers to work in an agency as both project managers and consultants, communicating with digital marketing specialists and clients.
  • Content Marketing Strategists to develop the content promotional strategy for your business.
  • SEO Specialists to keep a watchful eye over your website’s organic search rankings, ensuring that your website is ranking well for target keywords.
  • Digital Media Planners to prepare the budget, the online advertising campaign channels and oversee the implementation and performance of all paid media campaigns.
  • Ads Operation Managers/PPC Managers to monitor and execute day-to-day digital campaigns across platforms such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and DoubleClick.
  • Social Media Managers to plan and manage the overall social media strategy for your business.
  • Social Media Community Managers to connect with community members and compile reports about the general opinions of the public.
  • Digital Marketing Analysts to monitor performance across all digital channels and compile reports about suggested improvements.
  • Email/Marketing Automation Specialists to manage email marketing campaigns and implement automation workflow.
  • Copywriters to create copy, blog content, ad copy, and whatever additional content may be required.
  • Graphic Designers to design social media content, online ads, blog content and whatever additional graphics may be needed.
  • Web Developers to preside over all the website development and alterations to same.

How To Structure your Digital Marketing Team

Structuring is generally dependent on the size of your company. Each employee needs to have a wide range of skills and knowledge about at least one or two specific disciplines. A Virtual Marketing Department will be able to advise you and assist you in finding the structure that is right for your business.

Larger companies may be able to build up their own internal marketing departments, but in the case of smaller companies, one employee (or sometimes the business owner) may be responsible for all promotional aspects, both traditional and online. Expecting one individual to know and do everything is seldom realistic. It is more likely that an individual, having in-depth knowledge about two or three disciplines, will outsource the rest to freelancers and digital marketing agencies.

We’ve touched on the two extremes regarding business size. You will need to figure out where your company fits in.

How to get started with your Virtual Marketing Department?

The first thing you should do is reach out to Atomic, and let us know you need an online marketing team / virtual marketing department, and what kind of roles you are looking to fill (SEO Manager, PPC Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, Social Media Marketing Manager etc.). Atomic will identify and assign the right specialists for your business, recruiting if necessary. You can opt to be in direct contact with each and every member, or you can opt to have a Digital Marketing Manager with whom you communicate. The Digital Marketing Manager will delegate your work to appropriate team members. The decision as to how we go about it is yours to make!

You will have direct access to, and control over, an online project management system, with resources that you manage so as to successfully accomplish all your projects and tasks. You are in control of how proactive you want the team to be, and you set minimum or maximum hours for the team to use across your various digital marketing remits.

And the best bit? You have complete oversight of your online team’s actions and productivity. You have the power to track time across it all. Atomic simply sends you an invoice for the time used by your virtual team at the end of each month. Easy, transparent and seriously powerful. Power up with Atomic!

In Closing: What to keep in mind

Embrace the challenges of assembling a digital marketing team, such as budget constraints and requisite training. Ensuring staff have the necessary knowledge and skills to do what needs doing is paramount to the success of your digital marketing department.

Any training is an investment in your company that will pay off in the long run.

And remember, Atomic Digital can help you power up as an online contender!

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