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Advanced Ways to Get Free Traffic That Converts

There are some methods of acquiring traffic that even experts may have overlooked. Here are a few tactics to use.

There are some methods of acquiring traffic that even experts may have overlooked. Here are a few tactics to use.

We all understand that when running a website, the most important thing is that people come and visit it, otherwise what’s the point? Your website is the salesman of your business online, it handles the information people will need, sometimes pricing, customer reviews, examples of what you do and ultimately who you are, what you do and what you’re about. So, it’s very important to make sure people are visiting your site.

You need to know the top ways that will ensure that you are bringing in free traffic to your website and here’s how.


In the past when you’ve written a blog post for your website, you automatically share it on your social platforms, the problem with that is that you may only have a small following and with a small following you can’t really make many people aware of your content. So, now it’s time to go bigger.

Start uploading the first three or four paragraphs of your blog posts to blogging platforms such as Medium. Medium is a great choice because it’s popular and generates large amounts of traffic to their website.

At the bottom of those three or four paragraphs add a ‘click here’ link which takes them straight to your site allowing them to read on. This is a great way to build up traffic on your website as the readers are already engrossed in your content so when given the chance to read on with a simple click, they will take the opportunity and are led straight to your site.

To ensure people come back to your site, when they arrive on your website create a pop up that lets them submit their email address into in order to get notified on when you have more content live on your website. This makes sure that people are regularly visiting your website building up traffic continuously each time they come.


You may be thinking ‘Well what’s the point in that, you’ve just said not to post all of it?’

It has in fact been proven that if you only post a few paragraphs onto LinkedIn it’s not as effective as posting the full content. That’s because users of LinkedIn want to remain on the platform rather than visiting other sites.

So, to combat giving them your content on a plate without them visiting your website all you need to do is turn to visuals. These visuals are more attractive than just plain text and they will help get you free traffic from your social media.

Create a detailed, impressive visual that outlines what your blog is about and really sell it to them in the visual, make them want to read your blog and learn the information you’re offering. From there add a trusty ‘click here’ link that people can click on which links straight to your website on the exact page of the content they were interested in.

Amazing visuals to attract and make your LinkedIn timeline look awesome AND a way to bring free traffic to your website. What more could you want?


Now don’t discard this idea straight away and be put off by this through thinking ‘I’m just someone with a website why would I go on a podcast?’ because you’re wrong, you’re not just a dude with a website. You’re a dude that knows and has expert information about something other people don’t.

Begin with selling yourself. Contact as many experts in your field WITH a podcast saying you’ve got interesting information or surprising statistics that would be relevant and intriguing for their many viewers to hear. Then allow them to share that information on their podcast and if they wouldn’t mind, give your website a shoutout when referring to where they sourced this knowledge from and attach a link in the description box of their podcast to your website.

If you’re feeling confident you could even ask to collab with them on their podcast, the worst thing they can say is no.

Both these tactics would drive traffic to your website as an expert with a big following is involved, a portion of their audience will go over to your website. The mention of your link in their description box will be enough for people to show interest in your website, purely because that expert you have collaborated with is a role model to many people wanting their advice to help with their business.


With this, it doesn’t matter if you have one or one thousand visitors on your website. When you take part in an expert round-up you’re asking for the participation of experts on your social media.

Here’s what you have to do. You take to Instagram or another social platform and create a post, well-designed, of course, you have to be able to attract and look professional, this post needs to state something that experts can share their knowledge on for example, ‘What Is Your Best Social Media Hack.’ Make sure to tag experts you follow and use appropriate hashtags to ensure your post gets noticed. Experts will start to reply in the comments and take part, willing to share their tips in the comment section of your post.

Some experts, digital marketers or SEO Agencies will be willing to share your content to their following as it’s a source of useful information from a community of experts everywhere that people can learn from and appreciate.

You will find that your traffic will skyrocket from people visiting your site to see the information you’ve created through this expert round-up post.

Another factor of this which is beneficial for you and your website’s traffic is that from that post, the experts will know you from it and a connection will have been made branding you as a good source of knowledge and someone who can grab the attention of experts to gather information. They will appreciate that and see it as a clever tactic. From there, they could possibly recommend you and link to you when relevant. People trust experts and with the experts trusting you that assures you a good reputation online which will definitely build up traffic to your site as you have connected with the right people.


Building traffic on your website for free is easy, you just have to know how. It’s all about knowing the right people, getting out there and asking to be involved in order to get publicity and ensure your name is out there for people to hear. It’s all about attracting an audience through snippets of your content and showing what you have to offer on social media.

Traffic is earnt by hard work and not being shy of showing what you can do. People can’t find you if you’re hiding in the shadows online.

Advanced Ways to Get Free Traffic That Converts, Written by Amelia Dean

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