The Power Of Email Marketing In 2022


Email marketing is still a great way to promote your business. Here are some ways email marketing will be even more powerful in 2022.


Since emails are still widely used, they’re one of the most effective tools for advertising. This being said, people use email differently now than they did even ten years ago. We’ve become savvier and quicker with our responses, and as a result, we’ve seen a decline in overall open rates. However, this doesn’t mean that we’re not using email to our advantage. The key for success is to know what your customers want before sending out an email campaign that promotes your product or service. Keep the user in mind as you design an email campaign for yourself or your business.


Why email marketing is still a great way to promote your business

Email marketing is still a great way to promote your business and nurture your community. Here are some ways email marketing will be even more powerful in 2022:


1. Email can easily be used as a lead generation tool because people are more likely to click through an email than a website or an ad on social media.


2. Email can provide you with valuable data on where and when people open their emails, which is incredibly important for marketers to know if they’re going to send an email campaign out at 2 am that’s not going to get any attention from their audience.


3. Emails are so widely used, meaning it is a great way for businesses to reach their target audience without spending too much money on advertising or having to go through rigorous approval processes like Facebook ads.


4. Automated flows can be created & targeted at a segmented audience which can lead to a superb ROI.


5. You can use personalisation in your subject lines & emails to create an approachable identity for your brand.


What makes email marketing successful in 2022

One thing that will help email marketing to succeed in 2022 is that people will be more attuned to their inboxes. The shift toward a more personal inbox means that we’re paying attention more to what happens in our communication channels. We’ve also become much more data-driven, which means that we can better understand the types of messages we want and don’t want, and use this information to make better decisions about what to send out.


Another way email marketing will be successful in 2022 is that content is king. People are spending less time on social media and other sites and instead, they’re spending it on email marketing campaigns. With this increase in time spent with email campaigns comes an increased trust factor for brands and businesses. As a result, consumers are more likely to buy from those companies that have emails they can trust. This will also mean that your website needs to be up-to-date and fully optimized for mobile viewing so you can reach new customers no matter where they are or how they’re viewing your business’s campaign


Email Statistics

There are more than 4 billion daily email users.


According to Statista, this number may climb to 4.6 billion by 2025. Compared to 4.5 billion social media users, we have to agree that the difference is not as big as we might have expected.


The average email open rate is 19.8%; the highest email available rates happen on Fridays and the lowest on Saturdays. The average bounce rate for all industries is 9%, while 26% of retail emails bounce significantly higher than the average. It is crucial to personalize our messages when sending emails because it encourages a higher open rate by as much as 50%. If we want to go further with quality segmentation, these results can be even higher.


Abandoned cart follow-up emails work. Sending three abandoned cart emails produces 69% more orders than a single email. 45% of cart abandonment emails are opened, far above the average for a regular email.


Email marketing is widespread in small businesses. In 2021 even 64% of small businesses used email marketing to reach customers; it is estimated that the percentage of companies using it will grow even more every year.



Email marketing is here to stay & it is vital as a business owner to take full advantage of this marketing technique; incorporating email marketing capture techniques alongside all of your companies digital remits.




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