Why Is My Google Business Listing Not Showing

Setting up your business for Google is not as simple as filling in your details and hitting the upload button. You need to work harder than that to succeed in search engine optimization (SEO). If you find yourself asking why is my Google Business listing not showing on Google, then this is a clear indication that you need to work on your SEO.


There are ways that you can solve this problem. Web-based tools can help you find the areas you need to focus on, but some solutions will be harder to implement than others. To improve results locally, you could begin by ensuring that all information about your business is correct. Keep contact information accurate, including a phone number, address, opening hours, and other information about your business.


Quick Improvements

Quick fixes, in this case, include steps you can take right away to set up the foundations for improved SEO. Do not expect results in mere moments; this is a process that may take months. Below you will find a few issues you can turn your attention to immediately.



This is arguably one of the most important factors to improve SEO. Generic keywords will certainly encompass the more common searches on Google. However, this will also mean that you need to compete more with similar businesses. Focus on adding more unique keywords that still are relevant to your website.


Google Ads gives you access to a keyword finder tool, as long as you have made a business account. Several other sites offer research tools for keywords for a fee. It is possible to do your research without using a service, but it will also mean you must work harder.


Evaluate Your Content

First, keep your content consistent. Avoid using different fonts and formatting on different pages on your site. You can use whatever font you like but use it for everything. Consider user experience as well. If your customers or users find the text you are using hard to read, they will not return for more. Make sure you use headers and titles consistently, and do not forget to use bullet lists and highlight the important part using bold or italic as a formatting tool. Look at what you already have, remove old and redundant content, and update with fresh posts.


Keep The Content Flowing

This connects to the previous section. Content is a key factor in improving your SEO ranking. Like your fridge, your site needs restocking and refilling. Fresh content tells the algorithms that your site is still relevant. There is no need to add new posts every day, but setting a schedule for content is good. Some sites have more need for fresh posts than others; it depends on the target audience and purpose of the site.


Evaluate The Images You Use

Good pictures are a staple for any site. However, it isn’t simply a matter of choosing any image.

You must also consider the size and file format. Remember to name the pictures accordingly but avoid spamming alt-texts. Provide a descriptive text below the image to ensure the site is accessible for everyone.


Support Your Content With Outbound Links

Content on your site should always be unique, but do not forget to support your claims or ideas by backing them up with reliable sources. Depending on the topic, find trustworthy sources to support your post. Remember to keep outbound links as relevant as the rest of your content. Links to sources from 10 years ago can work in some cases but have less authority than a link to a news article about an event this week.


Target Mobile Users

Today, most people read up on news and search for different topics on the go using their phones or tablets. One way of increasing your SEO is to target mobile users. Design your site for them, and then make sure it works as well as it does on desktop computers.


Mix It Up

A site that only relies on content in the form of text needs to step up its game. Most people would rather watch a short video or listen to content instead of reading it. Incorporate different media on your site to further help Google algorithms to find your site and rank it higher.



The aspects discussed above are only a fraction of the means you have to improve your SEO and make sure that your business listing on Google is showing. Other important factors include correct, up-to-date contact information, products or services presented correctly and a site that is easy to navigate.



Nowadays, having a website for your business is a must if you’re going to get your company noticed online. However, how are you going to go about doing that? Fortunately, there are a few key ways to increase the chances that potential customers will see your website”.


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