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How Can Google Ads Help You Advance Your Business Goals?

As a business owner, you may feel that the concept of Google Ads is an unnecessary requirement to market your business effectively. After reading this article, your views may change. 

Google Ads appear when the google search engine is used. Paid advertisements will be at the top of the initial results page. These adverts appear in an image or text with the word “ad” included in the description. Although, can they really help to advance your business goals?


Are Google Ads Worth All the Hype?

Google employs more than 80 000 workers to ensure things are working smoothly behind the computer screen. A PPC (pay-per-click platform) for the highest-rated search engine, google ads also appear on all platforms owned by Google. 

With over 7.6 billion inhabitants on earth, more than one billion people regularly access Google. That amounts to nearly seven billion google searches occurring every day. That is an overwhelming number of potential clients for your business. Are you making sure you get your fair chunk of this?

Google Ads has proved to be a successful way of helping to achieve a higher ROI (return on your investment) compared to other marketing options. This advertising platform assists in manoeuvring web traffic to the content on your website. If you use Google Ads effectively, you could see a great increase in your web traffic and even an increase in conversions and sales.


How Do You Set up Google Ads?

To start using Google Ads, you will need to set it up first and make sure that you have a plan in mind and a goal you want to reach. As with other forms of marketing, you need a strategy in order to get the best results.


Primary Objective

The first step involves pinpointing what your main objective will be. Do you want to increase the traffic flow to your website? Do you want to grow your business’s call volume? Would you like to bring a greater number of people directly to your shop? Identifying what your goals are is the first step in setting up a successful Google Ads strategy.


Primary Audience

Step two involves your target market. Do you want to reach local or worldwide customers? This will tie into the main objective of your business. You may already have this information available as part of your business plan and other marketing strategies. 

However, when it comes to online ads, you need to think more carefully about where you want to target your audience. If you aim for a worldwide audience, you have to make sure that you can deliver worldwide.



There is a range of ad campaign options on offer. Having a sound understanding of your business’s primary objective and the audience will help you determine which ad campaign is suitable to reach your goals. 

For example, if you are advertising a new range of your products, then a product listing ad on Google may be more effective than just a text ad. Let’s look at the types of ads in more detail.


Search Campaigns

This is for high-intent traffic that will show your advert on the Google results page when someone uses the Google search bar and types words that match a keyword linked to your ad campaign. 


Display campaigns

These campaigns use visual ads that are displayed on other websites or even Gmail and are related to your targeted keywords.  Since this type of ad is image-based, it is great for creating brand awareness.


Shopping campaigns

When a potential buyer uses a term via the google search for a product, they are shown a shopping advert. You can rely on Google to create adverts by analysing the data on your product feed. This type of ad is best used when you want to boost traffic to your e-commerce website and increase sales.


Video campaigns

Your business is promoted using video ads on Youtube and other Google Display Network properties. This form of advertising is best used if you want to introduce your products more effectively in video format. 


App campaigns

Does your business have an app available? This is a great way to advertise the app to your audience. Your business advert is displayed on Google search, Google Play, Youtube and Google Discover.


Discovery Campaigns

These adverts are the most effective when a user accesses the Google search bar on their mobile device. These adverts are tailor-made by using selected text and imagery.



What Are the Costs?

By setting your specific budget, you never need to be concerned about overspending. Google will automatically stop your campaign when your budget limit has been reached. The particular costs involved are dependent on each business. 


Some small businesses average a Google ads spend of approximately $1000/month, others such as larger PPC Management Agencies can spend closer to $30 000/month. 


According to Google, it is difficult to lose money when using a Google Ads campaign because the average return on an advert’s expenditure is under two dollars for every one dollar spent.


What Are the Pros and Cons?

Let’s take a quick look at some of the pros and cons of using Google Ads.




  • Build your brand by increasing your business exposure.
  • Customisation options are available to other brands as well.
  • Increases traffic flow to your website.
  • Learning how to use Google Analytics may prove to be a requirement to maximise results.
  • Online Google search results are improved.
  • Mistakes can occur with the use of high-profile words. This can affect your budget. 
  • Improves interactions with business apps.
  • Improves your in-person sales.
  • Phone sales volume is increased.
  • Positively influences your customer base.
  • Assists with understanding your customers’ habits and needs.



While Google Ads might not be the best fit for every business, it could very well be the right choice for you. Google has the most popular search engine on earth. Although over three-quarters of small businesses operate their own digital marketing, this does not always result in the desired effect. 

Over half of small businesses using Google Ads have shown a marked increase in online client interactions. Investing with a professional is often necessary to advance your business goals in the most influential way. 

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