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Shindigger Brewing Co

Manchester, UK

Shindigger has grown incredibly since inception and has recently taken this very popular brand to the next level, offering 2-day nationwide delivery and initially promoting this via Facebook Ads in combination with a concrete SEO Strategy. Atomic focused on powerful Facebook Ad Campaigns in combination with a data-driven SEO Strategy and delivered this with huge success. We achieved a Return on Ad Spend of over 860% and increased organic traffic by over 900%, a great achievement for both parties over a 12 month period. 

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This is how we do it.


Our team continually tests and optimises audiences to target only the most relevant and highly-converting users. Our high precision targeting techniques will ensure that your ads attract specific decision makers.


Even highly targeted LinkedIn adverts need customers to click on them. Our in-house team of copywriters, graphic and video designers produce stunning content that perfectly captures the imagination of your customers.


Not everyone converts the first time around! We can create versatile nurture campaigns to retarget users on Linkedin who have visited, engaged or shown an interest in your business.


Don’t know your CTRs from your CVRs? Our dedicated Ads managers deep dive into your data every step of the way to provide acute statistical analysis. This provides the foundation for clear, actionable steps and opportunities for growth.

The Buntzel Bakery

Cheshire, UK

The Buntzel Bakery, without doubt, create some of the tastiest products we’ve ever had the privilege of tasting. Not only that, they approached us to manage their Facebook ads to market these absolute tongue-teasing treats – perfect!

Atomic achieved a Return On Ad Spend of well over 500% within just one month of working with The Buntzel Bakery. This was achieved through a series of creative, hyper-targeted and retargeting campaigns, massively improving sales for the team at The Buntzel Bakery.

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The bulldog hut

California, USA

Love bulldogs? Love snazzy clothes and accessories with bulldogs on them? Look no further. Bulldog Hut create it all and Atomic had the pleasure of successfully launching their pawsome products globally through powerful conversion focused Facebook Ad campaigns, social media marketing across a plethora of platforms & SEO, increasing organic traffic by over 400% in the first 5 months. 

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Shanghai, China

CRCC Asia provide global internships to graduating students from around the globe. Atomic has helped CRCC Asia with their website design & SEO for over 2 years, adapting their designs and users flow to increase conversion rates, all whilst increasing their organic traffic by over 1,200%.

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Harrogate, UK

After launching Rocambolesque’s revitalised website, Atomic boosted this new aesthetics brand and business utilising the power of Facebook Ads, specifically targeting high margin services to yield the highest ROI. After just 1.5 months, we achieved an ROI of over 270%, a great achievement in such a competitive industry. 

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Frequently Asked LinkedIn ADs Questions

LinkedIn Ads allow you to connect with professionals on a massive scale, whatever your product or service. The ads are generally surrounded by authoritative and polished content, meaning users will reflect seriously on your proposition.

LinkedIn offers targeting based on industry, profession, job title, degree type and more, allowing you to accurately target key decision makers within companies.

Getting a LinkedIn Ads Agency to manage your campaigns will seriously increase the effectiveness of this targeting thanks to our years of experience in the field.

If you are offering a B2B service, LinkedIn Advertising can be a huge revenue stream for your business. Going live on LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to establish powerful brand-prospect across the globe.

Unlike other social media advertising (Facebook, Instagram and TikTok), LinkedIn captures user attention when they are in a professional mindset and open to considering B2B propositions.

Perhaps you’ve identified LinkedIn Ads as a potential new revenue stream. You might even be running them already. Either way - hiring a specialist LinkedIn ads agency like Atomic can be a game changer.

Our Linkedin Advertising specialists have years of experience, and know exactly how to get you the results you need quickly and effectively.

LinkedIn offers a range of ads and is surprisingly flexible. Different types of advert allow you to maximise three different objectives: brand awareness, consideration (including website visits and engagement) and conversion (such as lead generation and on-site actions).

Atomic will work with you to define your goals and ensure that your LinkedIn campaigns are set up to achieve them.

LinkedIn Advertising allows us to target specific customer profiles, based not only on age / location but also industry, job type, seniority and more to ensure that you only generate leads that are suitable prospects for your business goals.

Lead ads on LinkedIn utilise pre-filled forms with data from users’ profiles to increase conversion.


One advantage of advertising through LinkedIn is that it allows excellent segmentation, so that you can control who is seeing your ads.

We can help you choose an appropriate target profile based on job title, seniority, degree and more - to ensure that you are getting customers who are suitable for your proposition.

There are many measures of a successful campaign, which will generally depend on the end goal of the campaign itself.

For example, brand awareness campaigns will focus on impressions (getting your ad seen) whereby conversion campaigns will consider a number of metrics (such as click through rate and cost per conversion). Our team of experts will help you ensure your campaigns meet & exceed expectations!

Paid media (including LinkedIn Ads) can provide a natural uplift in your other marketing strategies - including SEO.

Increasing brand awareness and having your business seen in a professional & reputable network such as LinkedIn can mean that users are more likely to seek out your brand organically through search engines as well.


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